New Laptop Windows 7 & OEM Software states 70gb used?


I have just been looking through my new laptop, nothing groundbreaking just a bog standard MSI CR640 i5 2410M 500GB.

Well coming from an old xp I never had this before but the original setup says it is taking up approx 70gbs of the partitioned c drive, theres a 13.7 gb recovery partition a small 100mb system and a dat (d).

This cant be right can it 70gb?????
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  1. Windows 7 takes up 20GB. The rest is probably pre-installed software.

    Go to Control Panel. Click on the "Uninstall a program" link. You will see a list of all programs installed on the laptop.
  2. Depending on what is installed, 70GB could be right. Look for apps like MS Office, etc.
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