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New Asrock boards?

Hey so I was looking around for information on any new Sandy Bridge mobos that are compatible with the 2nd gen i5 and i7 processors (with silicon fix). I ended up at Asrock's website where they state "New" P67 mobos are ready for launch. Does anyone know anything about this? Are these the new mobos we've been looking for?
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  1. All of the Intel P67/H67 Chipset MOBOs were recalled a few weeks ago due to a flaw in the Intel SATA2 ports. Intel is producing replacement Chipsets and the relaunch is due between mid March and mid April.

    This flaw was discovered shortly after the initial launch in January, and the early adopters are having to RMA/exchange their MOBOs.
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    If those were the new boards, it would be plastered all over the front page of their website.

    Check this out. I'm glad I bought an ASRock, as they are handling the exchange thing very well.
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