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alright so i have a msi 785gt mobo with amd athlon x2 5000+ w/ 4 core/ l3 unlocked. when i run hardware monitor, or any other temp monitor, i always get one really high temp (around 125c). im pretty sure this is some kind of bug because ive opened me case and felt around and nothing seems that hot and uve used an infrared thermometer around the whole case and the highest temp ive seen is 120 degrees fahrenheit.

so my question is, does antbody know what might be work here? thanks :)

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  1. Probably just a software glitch, the older version of HW monitor only used to read two temp sensors from my board, it now reads a third but the third is always reporting 128C. If it thinks there should be a sensor and there isnt it seems to make up data randomly for it.
  2. I've read multiple times from various websites that after unlocking cores, temperature readings are no longer correct. Note your core temperatures are also all 0.0*C.
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