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Hi, Computer Newbie here. Need some help in choosing the best graphics card my computer can handle at the moment. Not too sure what all information is needed in picking the correct graphics card for me. Looking for something <$100.

I'll start off with the basics I suppose?... Just going to write word for word on what the Dell website says my computer is...

I have a Dell XPS410, My current graphics cards is 256, X1300 MRMGA+2 (Radeon I believe).

Dual In-line Memory Module, 1G 667M, 128X64, 8, 240, 2RX8... not too sure what that is, seemed important...

Processor: 6600, 2.4, 4M, Core Duo-conroe, Burn 2.

Operating System is Windows Vista 32-bit, Home.

Hard Drive, 250G, S2, 7.2K, 3.5 WD-HAWK...

Not too sure what else is needed, I believe there is 3GB of ram in the computer...

Currently, my video card isn't performing as well as it did when I first purchased the computer. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you need any more information, let me know. I'll try to find it, haha. Thanks.
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    You have a nice CPU should try to get an HD5770 f or $150.

    However, if $100 is truly your budget, a n HD4850 or GTS250 would be nice for you. If DX11 is more important, an HD5670 is also nice.
  2. I guess you've 2GB of memory/RAM.. Anyways, your budget is spot on for your monitor resolution which is 1280 x 1024 i think.. So, as shadow suggested a radeon 4850 or a georce 250 will suffice..
  3. Thank you both. I appreciate it. I believe I'll go with the 4850 and I may look into the 5770. Thanks again.
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  5. No one has bothered to mention that you should check your PSU. I do not believe your PC has a large enough power supply to run the cards that are being suggested here. The 5770, maybe. You are really pushing it to the edge though, probably a 5750 would be a safer bet. The 4850, no way.
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