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I am running a Quad core 6600, with 2 8800GTX video cards in SLI mode. What cpu and Video upgrade would be a good next step from this.
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  1. If its all running fine then i cannot think of any upgrade requirements right now.. Its a good setup to last possibly till DX 12 makes the entry..
  2. what PSU do you have and what resolution do play at? 2x 8800GTX should be playing games at a very good performance level. I assume since you posted on the Nvidia forum you want Nvidia options only or Nvidia & ATI? SLI/CF only or will a single card work?

    Can you over clock the Q6600? It's on an Intel 775 CPU socket that is no longer supported. I would not spend money on any CPU upgrade if you can OC, since all the 775 CPUs are overpriced do to lack of supply and high demand before they are gone. Your best long term bet would be to upgrade to an AM3, 1156, or 1356 CPU & motherboard.
  3. I would sell the cards for 140$, Then put another 500$ In for a 5970 or 360$ for a GTX 480.

    Short of a 5970/480, You won"t find a diffrence worth the money
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