Does readyboost in win 7 actually work

does readyboost in win 7 actually work
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  1. WOW there's a run on ReadyBoost questions. Short answer, if you have 4GB RAM then there's no benefit. If you have an SSD then you can offload a lot of read/writes to the 'ReadyBoost Approved' USB; saves wear and tear on the SSD. Using any old USB will slow you down.
  2. so readyboost doesn't add a kinda memory module to the system. I believe it does.
  3. It's more less useless if there's 2GB, and totally useless with 4GB. It's good if you have 512MB or 1GB of physical RAM.

    Benchmarks ->
  4. No, ReadyBoost doesn't add anything to the system. It simply uses a USB stick to cache frequently-used programs so they load quicker. Once they are loaded, the programs don't perform any faster.

    If you have 4GB of RAM and a decently fast hard drive, ReadyBoost does nothing for you.
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