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hello i was wondering my socket for processor is am2 and i was just wondering what is the best processing chip for that socket that you can fit in there. do you just have to have a socket am2 structure or also a compatible mobo :??:
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  1. It needs to be compatible with your motherboard. There are some older AM2 motherboard that support the Phenom II x4 965, most dont but there are a few that do. If you post your motherboard make and model we can find your CPU support list and tell you the best one that will work.
  2. For the most part any AM2 processor works in almost all AM2 motherboards, the exception is that some are limited to 95W processors so none of the 125W processors are supported. Also depending on what board you actually have, it may be compatible with AM2+ or even AM3 processors. Physically they are compatible, it was up to the manufacturers to update the BIOS and allow use of the newer processors.
  3. u could get a usable reply only if u name ur mobo name and model number
  4. mm its a f690gvm mobo with a amd athlon 4800 + brisbane processor
  5. Then this is not a homebuild, it is a prebuild like an Acer, is it not?
    If so, I believe you can go up to a X2 6400+, but it is a crapshoot.
    Depends on the BIOS revision on your particular board, that would be the deciding factor.
  6. yah its a prebuilt acer 1300 i think ill check the bios vers when i get back
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