Problems recovering data before reinstalling windows 7.

So my old CPU/Motherboard broke so I purchased a replacement. Upon installing all the hardware, windows 7 won't boot with the current boot drive. Fine, just need to reinstall windows. But before doing so, I need to get data off the hard drive. So I borrow a family member's old computer in order to plug in the original boot drive and a storage drive to transfer all the stuff over to the storage drive. However, the original boot drive isn't detected by windows or the system in BIOS. Any thoughts?

Edit: Storage drive is detected and I've already tried swapping out all the cables and everything. Tried googling the problem to no avail. I'm not sure what key words I should be focusing on.
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  1. it must be detected by the bios before you can use it. make sure the data and power cables are connected properly and that it is connected to the native chipset on the motherboard and not a 3rd party chipset.
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