9800GT on AMD chipset?

My question is can you run dual 9800GT nvidia cards on an AMD chipset or are the chipsets for there brand only? I'm sick of looking for a good nvidia chipset i need more SATA ports and the most i can get on nvidia is 6 and thats only if the SLI speed sucks. What performance impact would it make if i ran nvidia cards off AMD chipsets?
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    Your not going to find sli certified amd chipset motherboards. The bios needs code supplied by Nvidia for sli to happen. You can run 1 video card no problem.

    edit: Current Intel chipsets / Intel cpu's support sli and crossfire. The individual motherboard models , depending on features and cost, can be capable of sli and crossfire.
  2. The answer is yes and no.
    You CAN run two 9800gt video cards on an AMD crossfire mother board, but NOT in SLI mode because the chipset was designed to combine two ati cards and not two nvidia cards.

    This is true if you are running XP or windows7. They will allow you to have different video card drivers operational at the same time.
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