Phenom ii 925 or i5 750

hello, i need advice between this two cpu. i will build a new system soon to replace my old core duo rig. It will be mainly for gaming.
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  1. 1. The two CPUs are in radically different price ranges and yet you do not tell us what price you want to pay? What is your budget? Gaming resolution? What video card are you planning to pair with the new CPU?
    2. read this in order to give us enough information to help more than I try below:

    If you are looking for a quick answer though:
    The phenom II 925 will be enough if you don't plan on getting something big like a radeon 5850 or higher. Overclocked, it will be fine for even a GTX480. Dual cards you might want to look into something a bit higher end, ie the i5 or phenom IIx4 955/965. triple cards you will be wanting an i7 or perhaps could settle for a phenom IIx6 1090t.

    If you are debating between these two CPUs because you think they are about equal, your information is outdated. The phenom II was about as good as a core 2 quad at 0.2GHz faster. But you are talking about the icore series, not the core series. The difference is more like 0.8GHz for equal performance.

    Here's a good link where you can view benchmarks of various modern processors for comparison in performance:

    Good luck with whatever your decision is and feel free to ask for more specific advice if you need it :)
  2. Go with i5, at stock setting it will be about 25% faster, once overclock, it'll beabout 50% faster, as it can overclock to about 4 ghz. Also non game apps will run quick, worth the xtra investment.
  3. i know this 2 cpu is in different price range and performance. But will phenom ii 925 enough for modern games. My budget is 500 dollar , my resolution is 1366x768 and i already own radeon 5770 1gb.
  4. do you already have a motherboard?

    surely you could go a little more middle ground, with something like a phenom II 955?
  5. cpu - phenom ii x4 955BE 3.2ghz 8mb
    mb - ASUS M4A77TD | A770 | D3-RSGL
    ram - KINGSTON PC1333 D3 - 2gb
    hd - 500GB W.D.
    psu - 460W EXTREME POWER
    casing - ELITE 342 M-ATX

    what do you thing of this setup and it me cost only 400 dollar.
  6. good except for the PSU.

    get a corsair vx450.

    and what GPU do you plan on getting for that?
  7. for now i will using my ati 5770 from my old system.

    maybe i will buying evga gtx 460 1gb soon.

    and will the cooler master 460w psu enough for gtx 460.
  8. i wouldn't trust a coolermaster PSU. i've had one and had to replace it, they are not good quality.

    a corsair vx450 shouldn't be expensive, and trust me, a PSU is the most important part of a system, and the last place to skimp. get a good brand even if it means cutting back somewhere else.
  9. maybe i should get corsair vx450

    it mean i can't get gtx 460 sometime soon.
  10. you wouldn;t need it anyway. it would only be a marginal upgrade from a 5770.

    i wouldn't bother upgrading til the 6 series ATI cards come out, and you can grab a 6870/6850
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