512mb vs 1gb ati 4770

I'm debating between a xfx ati hd4770 512mb or a gigabyte ati hd 4770 1gb video card.



The 1gb's effective memory clock is four times slower than the 512mb. Which is the better choice?
I game at 1440x900 and 1680x1050.

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  1. The memory is the same in speed one lists actual the other one effective. Get the cheaper one Gigabyte 1GB.
  2. agreed
  3. With 10.00 off instantly, and 30 dollar rebate. 75.00- Thats a excellent deal. I get great performance from the xfx 4770. Without voltage adjust I run at 920/1000 VS 750/800 .
    I've read that Asus supports voltage tweak.
  4. Yeah, the memory on the cards is the same speed so obviously go for the cheaper 1gb card.
    Another card to consider is the HD4850. It's a bit better and can be had for $95 which is less than the initial cost of the HD4770(no rebate tho.)
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