CPU Runs Heavy During Medium Gaming

Okay so I have two questions about my CPU running heavy and loud during gaming that should not cause much stress on my CPU.

(Forgive me if this falls under a different category)

I would like to apologize for my lack of computer knowledge in advance. I love computers but am just now starting to get into the tech aspects of them.

Question #1: Could my RAM being 1.9GB instead of the Recommended 2GB cause my computer to be running heavy during gaming?
I guess the reason I ask this is that I'm wondering, could computer be trying to access the RAM it needs and not being able to cause it to run heavy?

I am going to upgrade my RAM to around 4GB DDR2

Question #2:Basically the same as Q#1 but instead my graphics card being less than recommended but still meeting Minimum System Requirements.
So In a nut shell my Graphics card not meeting Recommended System Reqs cause my computer and CPU to run heavy/Loud?

One last thing, is it possible my computer just runs loud and there is nothing wrong with my specs?

Thanks Very Much Please Take it easy on me like I mentioned I don't know too terribly much about how computer components effect performance but am learning more every day.


CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ @3.0GHz

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 256MB

Memory: 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 333MHz

OS: Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit SP1


If you have any more questions about my system please feel free to ask. :)
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  1. Well I would say that your graphics card is way under powered by todays standard. 2 GB RAM is fine for most games on a 32 bit system but 333 MHZ is way too slow. Graphics card before RAM in my opinion. If you jump to 4 GB RAM you need a 64 bit OS to take full advantage of it.
  2. Thank you very much Wamphryi,

    I will most certainly put the Graphics card first do you have any Recommendations for mid range graphics cards that will run most RTS games? Such as Company of Heroes(not max settings) or napoleon total war. or if a mid range graphics card will even run said games?
  3. a GTX 460 or 5770 are good value options. what PSU do you have though? need to make sure you have enough power.

    your CPU is also very dated though. no wonder it gets stressed easily. what Mobo do you have? if its compatible i would suggest getting an athlon II pr phenom II processor.
  4. Q1: Not that I know of. Unless you're using part of your RAM capacity for an onboard GPU, which is not possible since you're using a discrete one.

    Q2: With that GPU, you can only play light games. 256MB of memory capacity for a GPU is very low, considering current games need at least 512MB. Not to mention the other specs (ROP, shaders, engine clock speed, etc)

    Besides the RAM, you might want to upgrade the GPU. An ATI Radeon HD4650 512MB has the best price to performance ratio GPU for the moment. Loud and being under full load means that your CPU does work hard. There's no task sharing, since every part has its own task.

    What I'd like to know: What's your definition of medium gaming? What kind of games do you currently play? If it involves anti aliasing settings, I wouldn't exactly call it "medium".
  5. thanks welsh, i'll look into said Graphics cards

    okay PSU i have no idea if there's a way to check w/o opening my case please let me know.

    as for Mobo it's AM2 socket (not AM2+)

    so i don't think i can get a phenom II correct?
  6. You should get a bit more RAM. 2GB more shouldn't be too expensive.

    Also, the heatsink on your CPU may be improperly seated, and your case may have poor airflow.

    You could try re-applying the thermal paste and re-seating the heatsink, but this would definitely void your warranty. I also wouldn't try this if you don't know what you're doing.

    You should definitely get more RAM. 3 or 4GB is more than sufficient for casual gaming. You could probably upgrade for less than $100.
  7. thanks ambam

    i'll look into that

    okay so what should i upgrade on my Rig RAM check
    GPU check
    i can't afford too much atm my CPU gets rated high at Can you run it( it passes recommended each time on every game so i'm not too worried about should i be?
  8. weather you can use a phenom II depends on the specific model of the motherboard. not just the socket type.

    CPU raters usually only check clockspeed, but make no mistake yours is a weak processor. a phenom II at the same clockspeed would be orders of magnitude more powerful.
  9. okay thanks i had no idea
    model # MCP61PM-AM
    manufacturer EliteGroup
  10. Your cpu can still handle most games, though you would see huge gains with some of the newer processors. It's your gpu that needs to be upgraded before anything else for gaming performance.
  11. nope, that motherboard wont support phenom IIs. so if you want a new CPU wou'd pretty much need to build a whole new system.

    as loneninja said though, the GPU is the most important gaming factor, but any high end GPU will get bottlenecked by that CPU. so id go for a 5770 at most.
  12. okay, lots of info, thanks again welsh thanks loneninja
    all very helpful
  13. happy to help :)
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    Start with a new GPU. A decent midranged gaming GPU is going to do you a world of wonders, your 8500 is just a really, really poor gaming card.
    Do that upgrade first, and see if it is enough to satisfy you, I bet you are going to be pretty happy for a while anyway with just a new GPU.
  15. Thanks jitpublisher I have a GPU on the way :)
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