power spark killed my WD - 750gb Harddrive nd Patriot 120 ssd.
1.if i buy a new or second hand same harddirve and swap the pcb, will it work ? a quotation of recovery is R5000 very pricy.
2.ssd i still new , under waranty should i claim or wat, PLS HELP.
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  1. Sure it is the drives, the spike is more likely to kill the controller on the motherboard?
  2. M not sure about the motherboard cos m not using it, since it was giving a starting problem of error 67 until the spike [ INTEL DX79SI board]. that hdd was from another computer n after spike i took it back to its computer found tha it doesn show up and not spinning.i boght new hdd put in but still ,error 67 start for 2 seconds n turn of.now new bord its fine ? now wat about hhd pcb ?
  3. Swapping the board might work, not 100% but likely.
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