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how many partitions should i have for windows 7 laptop 500gb hard disk
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  1. I have made 4 partitions in 2tb HDD, i'm playing only games therefore i don't need more than that, depending on your work, music,games,editing, etc. but my suggestion is for you make 4 each one 98 or 99gb.
  2. For most drives I prefer a single large partition. When I do partition, I don't usually make partitions smaller than 250gig- 500gig. This way you never have to worry about expanding partitions later to make more room for programs.
  3. Hi, first, I want to know how many partitions are there on your laptop already? most laptop has been partitioned already from OEM, and when they always partition it into four partitions already.

    Here, you must know that your 500GB hard disk maybe the MBR disk. As we know the MBR disk could contain at most 4 primary partitions or three primary partition with one extended partition ( of cause, you could make a lot of logical partition under the extended partition if the extended partition is larger enough).

    Commonly, the Windows 7 OS may first take two primary partition for system (one is 100MB system reserved partition and another one is our system partition C: ), the rest two primary partition may take for recovery partition or OEM tool by most Laptop OEM. Therefore, in this situation you could not make more partitions. Unless, delete one of the primary partition, or convert it to logical by other partition software.

    If the numbers of primary partition is not maximum, you'd better shrink the primary partition and leave a large numbers of free space to create a extended partition and then you could make a lot of logical partitions as you want.
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