Do you upgrade your GFX Card every 6 months? [OPEN DISCUSSION]

I've heard that most gamers upgrade their graphics card every 6 months.
Do you upgrade your graphics card every 6 months?
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  1. No I do it when it is needed. I am currently still on 8800GT which is fine for the games I play.
  2. Most people...well...

    High-Level Card:
    New gen; Either buy same-level card with new features, or wait.
    Next gen; High-Level card.

    If I owned an HD4870x2, I would see no reason to upgrade to an HD5870 UNLESS I wanted features such as DX11/Eyefinity. However, I might see a reason to upgrade to an HD6870.
  3. rolli59 said:
    No I do it when it is needed. I am currently still on 8800GT which is fine for the games I play.

    same with me. currently using 9600GSO with 1024x768 monitor. i will only upgrade my card when i decided to pick monitor with higher resolution
  4. For me, my old BFG 8800GTS 512 OC is still cranking strong. No need yet. I usually stay about a year behind the new stuff and buy what is considered by then 1 tier lower than the best.
    I think you get much better value for the money that way. (For instance, about 1 1/2 years ago I paid $169 on sale at Frys for the 8800) so, until I decide to get a monitor that is higher in res than my 19", I am okay for now. This old GTS still hits 15,000+ in 3Dmark 06, won't run with the big boys by no means, but it's no slouch either, not by a long shot.
  5. No, not at the rate of advancement in performance and games hardware requirements.

    Hell my current one is probably overkill for what I play as it is. However, my card may be on it's way out after I got some display corruption with it only at 80C on the core, whilst a removal of the HSF and new paste put on and a small amount of dust removed helped reduce temps by 10-15C and made the problem go away, I am still wary.

    The biggest reasons for upgrading or sidegrading is probably problmes with current card, a new game they want to desperately play in all it's glory or a monitor upgrade in terms of resolution.
  6. no
    i would keep my 5850 for the next 2-3yrs and change it only if the situation compells me to

    unless you get a low end card and you wanna upgrade it
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