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AMD 1090t
Gigabyte 890FX-UD5
Crucial Balistix 4gb Blue
Corsair HX650 or 750 or 850
Lite on DVD
Western Digital Caviar Black 640gb 6gb/s
CM 692 advanced
EAH DirectCu 5870
Windows 7 Home
CM 212+ or Tuniq Tower
This is what I am looking at roughly, I am still debating on which corsair HX, I didn't want to get anything more than what I need. I don't think I will have more than
2 video cards so it's between the 750 and 650, I think 650 would be enuff and the 750 would be only for extra juice.
I kinda of have a budget around 1500ish, and all the above is 1400. There are a few things I would like to get like Windows pro or ultimate and more ram.
Anyways I thought about just getting the 1050 but toms rated it lower than the 965/955, so I have considered just getting a 955 and
adding more ram and what not.

I posted this to get some feedback about this, I plan on buying this computer around the fall semester, pretty much in August. I hope to have everything figured before then
but you never know, I might want the new Haf X or something.
Thanks for any feedback, the only real problems I have is choosing the PSU, and should I get the 1090 or 965? After I have that figured then I will have everything ready for now.
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  1. First tell us what you want to do with the comp? If you wanted to download moves on the internet then certainly a 4core is still overkill.

    Id you wanted to do gaming (guessing by the 5870) then obviously 965. But really 955 instead.

    If you were going to do photo/video editing, then the 1090T. But again really something more like the i7 930.


    BTW Crucial.... that's a no no. For less money you can get the g.skill ripjaws cas7 set.
    And that HD is also a no no. More like samsung spinpoint F3 or 7200.12 Again it depends on what you want to do.
  2. Actually I meant DirectCU 5850, but I have looked at the 5870 V2.
    Definitely gaming, mainly for school, with video, photo, music creation. I am hoping to get one of the new CS5 packages.

    The most I will have is two graphic cards, so the HX750 is more suitable.
    I actually changed things around according to the 955/965, I was able to add the Intel X-25-M 80gb SDD and still stay under 1500. But I could do anything with that extra 200. like add more memory get a 5870, or whatever.
    The 1500 is for the main parts, stuff like the fan controller and fans, thermal compound and what not is going to be separate.

    I originally wanted the MSI mobo, but after much consideration and talk the gigabyte is the way to go. Cpu cooler, both the TT 120 and 212+ should be sufficent.
    Ballitix tracers have also been highly recommended.
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