HD 4200 vs X1650PRO

Hi, I'm currently looking to build a better computer for my brother. His current system has a ATI X1650PRO AGP graphics card.
I'm looking to upgrade him to the AM3 platform and the motherboard I'm thinking of buying has the ATI HD 4200 integrated GPU.

Im wondering what GPU is better for gaming. Since if the HD 4200 is worse then what he already has, I will go out and buy a decent graphics card. Of course if it is similar/ better, then i will save myself a chunk of money that will probably be invested in a better CPU and RAM.

Decisive decision please.
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    the 1650pro is the better of the two options and neither would qualify as a "decent graphic" option for today's games.,2598-6.html
  2. 5750? btw 4200 will OC by almost 50% from reviews.

    ... or GTS250 for 89$

    The 5770 will come at 160$ but also more powerfull comparable to a 4890 but lower power consumption DX11.
  3. I'm not looking for you guys to tell me what graphics card to buy. Now that I know the HD4200 just wont do I will prob's buy a 9600GT from a friend for dirt cheap.

    Thank you.
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  5. The hierarchy chart puts the HD 4200 two tiers below the X1650 PRO,,2598-6.html
    but neither of them is very powerful and for under $70 you can get a fairly significant performance boost by moving up to a 4670
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