Long continuous beep

Hi all,

I've just put together my new pc, but when I turn it on I get a really loud and continuous beep.
Only when I disconnect my video-card it stops.
I can still hear the normal boot-beeps coming from the little motherboard speaker in the background.

The thing doesn't boot though, no screen at all. The last boot-beep I hear is the single one, saying "no keyboard".

Anyone got experience with this?

Asus P7P55D evo
Asus ATI 5850 cu
Intel Core i5-750 2666
4 gb corsair ddr3
750 watt corsair PSU

Please help.... :(
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  1. Did you finish the "System won't boot" checklist sticky'ed at the top of the forum?
  2. Yeah, although the list was pretty good it didn't state my problem.

    After some more intensive googling action I finally found it;

    The 5850 has both an 8-pin and a 6-pin power supply, which need to be connected BOTH!
    The manual that came with it (which is bloody awful, only 1 page per language) only showed older cards and said to connect the 8-pin OR the 6-pin, not both of them.

    Hopefully this will be useful to other home-builders who, like me, never had to bother with a power supply for their videocards....

    Still, appreciate the quick reply, thanks!
  3. Actually, it did. In step 5.
    5. Did you attach all the required power connector(s) to the video card? (some need two, some need none, many need one.)
    Sorry you had to work so hard to find that in info in Google.
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