Hi guys. I have 1333 DDR3 8 Gig Kingmax. Windows 7 64bit.

How can I test my memory? What program is best and can I run it from Windows?

PS:- I am stupid at computers
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  1. Actually you want to run memtest86+ after POST (before booting to windows). You can download a bootable file here about 1/2-way down the page and burn it to a CD or USB stick.
  2. OK so if I put this file on my flash stick and start up windows 7 how do I run it?
  3. Download the bootable file to your flashstick, plug it into an empty USB port, power-on your system, select boot from USB (you may have to enter your BIOS to select the first boot device = USB), and the system will boot to memtest86+ after POST. It will then run about 8 series of tests, and it will take about 45 mins to complete if the RAM passes all the tests - if the RAM does not pass, you will see red errors on the lower half of your monitor.
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