Water Damaged RAID, I need help, BAD

Hey guys,

Long story short. Comcast drilled a hole in our server closet without using silicone at the end which apparently was leaking water into that room every time it rained.
The rainwater has been directly hitting our RAID enclosure thus explaining our recent server outages.

Now I replaced the enclosure with a Sans Digital 5 Bay esata model and everything seemed to be "alright" however I started noticing:

1) All drives are half yellow, half grey.
2) I used to have (4) drives (all 500gb WD) but now only (3) show up with the yellow/gray. (the (4th) drive is all gray)
3) "Restoring Redundancy" (I dont know what this exactly does) takes 16 Hours but every single time, somewhere down the line it disconnects. (I havent been able to successfully restore after 6 attempts)
4) All of our shared folders, User profiles disappear in network drives once the drive raid drives unmount and mount. (The drives still show up, but the files are empty. I remedied this by unsharing and then sharing the folders from the drive, but this has become an annoyance)

These are my main issues.
I believe drive (2) is the malignant drive out of the (3). However when I hot swap it with another HD, the drive (D:) disappears.
I have tried everything I possibly could from researching the web and through my old IT guy but nothing is working.
If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

More info:
Windows Server 2003
Sans Digital 5 Bay enclosure
WD 500GB Hard Drives
Using RAID 10
Sataraid5 Program

Thank you for your time.

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  1. check all the hardware to see if there a firmware fix for the drives or the encloser.. if not i would put in a claim for 5 new drives with comcast. water=shorting so you dont know if the drives to a hit or all the equipment in the closet. i would do an insurance claim and replace it all on there dime.
  2. what he said.
  3. +1
    get a raid enclosure that has at least 6 drives, leave one disconnected as a spare, 2 spare if you go with an 8 enclosure or more
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I already set that in motion but in the meantime I need to remedy this or else I'll be losing money.
    So far the only thing that is keeping business afloat is unsharing and then sharing user profiles and shared folders linked to the networked drives.
    I placed a spare drive in there but i dont know if that will help...

    Is there any way I can bypass "Restore Redundancy" and go straight to rebuilding?
    I am thinking about purchasing RAID Reconstructor and Getdataback but I dont know if I REALLY need it. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, again.
  5. I couldn't tell you because I don't know your hardware intimitely... and I never used Sataraid software

    Have you tried calling them for tech support?
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