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Hi everyone, I bought a Dell Optiplex GX520 the other day which included a Acer AL1721 monitor and a keyboard and mouse for $100 australian,it was used by the way(I reckon that's pretty good for a working computer). It's been upgraded so I have 2 gigs of ram and a wifi card already installed before i bought it. Now the question I wanted to ask was If i could get a graphic card around 50 bucks ,70 max and if the computer would support it? I was looking at a Nvidia Geforce 8800 gts with 320mb of memory for around 50 or so bucks. So I was just wondering if my computer could handle it because it only has a 220 watt psu which i don't think can handle it but i don't know that much about psu's i'm pretty clueless when it comes to them but the other question was if i do get this card will i be able to fit it in the case. The dell is just the desktop computer so the middle sized one out of the series and if i do get this will it help gaming performance at a 1280x1024 resolution with only 2 gigs of ram and a pentium 4 proccessor? By the way i'm only playing rts games with hopefully no lag because the intel gma thing just doesn't cut it.
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  1. According to this;
    The versions with the 220w PSU are both low profile and do not have a PCIE port. This is not good. The only card I'm seeing that's vaguely decent that can be found in both low profile and PCI versions is the 9500GT but it costs nearly as much as you spent on the computer.
  2. ^+1
    Agree with jyjjy...
    That computer is just for office work. What rts game do u want to play?
  3. Like the total war series and games that have heaps of people fighting at once.
    But I only need this computer to play games that you can only get on the pc. Because I already have a 360,ps2 and a wii. But back on subject doesn't a 9500 need a minnium power supply of 300 watts? If i can't do anything about this or if it's too expensive I'll just have to use a real old computer and i'll upgrade that a little. If i were to buy the graphic card though will this be okay
    Even though that's $100 all up that'd be like buying 2 games.
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