Continuing problems with my new build

Here's where I am in a nutshell. The first motherboard I received from newegg appeared to be fried and they replaced it. The new motherboard worked fine for about three weeks, then today when I was playing a game my pc froze. When I rebooted the PC, i had no video and there was no system beep. I tried removing the memory and the memory beep code went off, so I know the memory is probably fine. Is there is something wrong with the motherboard or my video card? Here are my specs

550 watt psu
AMD phenom quad core processor
GeForce 6800 graphics card
ASUS M4877TD motherboard
2x2 gig Corsair DDR3 1600 memory cards

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this is my third homebuilt PC and its always been pretty much plug and play for me, but this system is turning into a nightmare... Thanks!
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  1. This is an awfully vague problem, and I'm not sure that I can help much, but I will say this:

    The fact that you heard the memory beep code simply means that the motherboard is functioning enough to tell you that it doesn't have any memory in it. It does not, however, necessarily mean that the memory is good.

    Since you've done 3 homebuilt PC's, I'm hoping you have an old video card lying around somewhere. If possible, try swapping it out and see if you can get anything to post.

    (Also, I'm fairly certain you mean Asus M4A77TD. As far as I can tell, an M4877TD does not exist. I'm not trying to be a nitpicky, but for anyone else choosing to come along and help with this thread, it might be helpful for them to know the correct model of motherboard.)
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