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I want your SATA 3 hard drive connected to your old system(Motherboard SATA 1) But the system does not launch And show this Error(Error Loading Operating System)

But But The system knows it but why not bring it up(detect My hard) :cry:

Hard:WD Cavier Black 1 TB Sata 3

Windows:XP SP3 Update June 2012

My old motherboard is GA-8I848P (rev. 2.x) and My bios Version is F4

Please help me Tnx
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  1. If I want to update the motherboard BIOS I do not think the problem is resolved, The description of the new BIOS is the only thing that is (Update CPU microcode)
  2. did you reload your os? 80% of the time you cant just transfer a pre-installed os + hdd into another machine
  3. Yes, I hooked my drive to the new system and even install Windows on it but still got the same message.
  4. other interesting point is that when your old hard drive(IDE 80GB) main hard put,The new second hard drive as high system recognizes and can be used in a Windows environment
  5. This problem was solved by Windows 7 but the problem still exists in Windows XP,And in the Windows startup with error (Error Loading Operating Syste) I encounter

    What do?
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