Can my computer run this game?

I was wondering if my computer could run mass effect 1. I have a dell xps 410, windows 7 64-bit, 4gb of ram, core 2 duo 6600 @ 2.4ghz and a nvidia 7900 GS. Thank you
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  1. Ok thank you. Been running it on high setting. So far so good.
  2. Yep but not at highest settings. Your computer is solidly between minimum and recommended requirements.

    If you can overclock that E6600 a bit it would be better and a graphics upgrade would not hurt either but it should play it.
  3. I plan on getting a new graphics card But I need to buy a new power supply first. My dell only has a 350 watt right now.
  4. I have no clue how to overclock.
  5. I think your E6600 at 2.4 GHz is good, u need a new card if you want more performance...
    Upgrade your PSU with minimum 500W and get a quality one like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone...
    For the card, well, it depend on your monitor, what is your monitor resolution?
  6. The Dell 350W has 30A on the 12V rail. You can run the GTS250 or 5770 on that PSU.
  7. 5770 FTW!

    Good enough for maxing out at 1680X1050 and even 19X10 resolution
  8. Yeah I would say so, but your video card is going to be your biggest setback right now. As is usually the issue. For the most part, processors these days will be fine for whatever, it will be the graphics processors that will be the major factor in determining how well you can run a game.
    The 7900 GS is a little dated at this point. The card was released late 2006 I think and Mass effect 1 came out in 2008. just looking at the dates will be a good indication. The recommended video card for mass effect is the geforce 7900 GTX, but recommended is usually for low to mid range performance anyway.
    Google "system requirements" for games to compare them with your system.
  9. Click on this link to know how well your PC can run the game:
  10. I will probably be getting the 5770 but it costs around 200 bucks. Will that card run most newer games?
  11. ^ Yes. The 5770 will run most/all new games at 1600*1200 with mid-high detail.
  12. amwilcut said:
    Ok thank you. Been running it on high setting. So far so good.

    So you start a thread 45 minutes before installing the game and finding out on your own?
  13. Sure did. That ok with you?
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