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I have a 3 pin sysfan header on my MSI 890GXM-G65 MB. My thinking was that I could run a cable from the psu to the 3 pin sysfan header on the mb to monitor the psu fan. The only cable that looks like a possibility is a single peripheral 4 pin with 2 molex connectors and I think another 6 pin connector at the other end. What is that 6 pin connector? I should have double checked that first. Anyway, have I found the right cable and am I correct in my thinking that this will monitor the psu fan? Also, if the 4 pin connector is right, which 3 get plugged to the sysfan header? I am not proud so tell me everything I need to know from top to bottom. This is my first build and I'm loving it! Thanks for the assistance.
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  1. None of those cables are to monitor the PSU temps!!! Please don't plug them into the motherboard in the Fan slots... Bad things will happen. Those give power to components, not receive power!! You can monitor speeds through Speedfan without any required additional connections. The Aux reading should be you PSU fan speeds.

    The 4pin is for a floppy drive/media card reader. The 6pin is for a graphics card tha requires a 6pin connector.
  2. OMG! Thank you so much. I could have killed everything. I was not sure and would not have gone ahead without confirmation, but still... Thank you again for saving my bacon.
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