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Hi guys!

So I'm trying to back up some stuff onto a pen-drive from the HDD (photos, Power Point stuff, Word stuff, songs etc.) and it's 700MB in size but after it's copied it shows at 24MB so yes a lot was not copied/transfered. It was on FAT32 so I though it was a limitation of the format but FAT32 has no problems till 4GB right? Please help.
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    If you are just using windows to copy the files over, a lot of times if it cannot copy a certain file it will just kill the whole transfer. I have used a free program called teracopy that will let you keep the copy going even if it comes across a bad file. It will also tell you which files were bad so you can try to manually copy them over. Maybe there is a bad file or 2 in your list to be copied that are stopping the whole transfer from completing. You may also want to try breaking it up into smaller groups to see if they will transfer that way.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll try that. Now I been trying to use different FAT32's formats, the default and 64KB but it seems like it's the same should I go default or jack it up?
  3. I'll greatly appreciate more help guys!
  4. Download this tool in the link below and screenshot the details on your pen drive. Partitions can be a nuisance on these things.
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