Installing mobo drivers from external dvd drive

is it possible to install the drivers for my mobo using a usb external dvd drive? i dont want to have to buy an internal drive (i know they are just 20 to 30 bucks but i really only use my external and rarely at that). if i cant install drivers from that is there a way to convert the external to an internal drive? thanks
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  1. Yes you can use an external USB DVD drive. To 'transform' a DVD drive from external to internal would require a USB Drive Enclosure and the cost of both makes no sense. 'Maybe' the USB DVD drive can be dismantled to reveal a SATA DVD - but again a waste.

    You can install Windows, Drivers, Apps, BIOS flash, etc off a USB Flash Drive. Also, you can 'image' a DVD ROM to a Flash Drive if needed. I build rigs off USB Flash Drives all of the time ;)
  2. cool thanks for the advice.
    i have the disc and everything installed but when i try to update drivers it just sits there and the dvd drive doesnt seem to be recognized.
    im using a gigabyte p55 ud3 mobo. any other advice would be appreciated!
  3. If you're using AHCI then the DVD needs to be on an IDE SATA port if internal, and 'some' USB DVDs don't always get recognized; you should/must {in some cases} use one of the MOBO I/O USB ports and not a case USB.
  4. i have it set to AHCI. yea i was using the back usb ports of the mobo and it is spinning in the drive but not recognizing beyond that
  5. What DVD is it? Maybe there's a firmware update...
  6. its the normal dvd for motherboard the ga-ud3 disc.
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    First, never use the drivers disk that came with the MOBO unless there's no other choice. Download them from Gigabyte's site. Otherwise, yes you can use the Gigabyte DVD, it should have what's included printed on it {powder blue DVD}.

    There are two GA-P55A-UD3's, which revision do you have?

    Q - What OS are you installing or have you installed?

    Use these drivers:
    Assuming revision 2.0 ->
    Assuming revision 1.0 ->

    this is the exact board i have

    i am planning to dual boot windows 7 and osx (thus why i have the gigabyte for osx compatibility)

    but i can just use windows 7 first just to get the system up and running
  9. There are, as I mentioned 2 revisions.

    I run Mac OSX but I use (2) HDDs with (2) Sets of BIOS settings, which is how 'I' choose the boot drives/OS. Finding overlapping or using 'Dual Boot' on one HDD is a PITA.

    Here's a good post for revision 2.0 ->
  10. cool thank you i really appreciate all the help you have given me. one more question if thats ok
    so all i do is put the updated drivers on a dvd, insert it to the external drive and install then i can just do iboot and everything else from tonymac like usual? just wanted to make sure
    if i have too many questions let me know haha. but these are all i think
  11. Yes, you can use iBoot and yes you can use the Drivers on the DVD if you can access your DVD which seems to be a real problem. I would install Windows, then Download the updated Divers and install them in that order and method.

    No matter you'll need a working DVD to install the Mac OS.
  12. ok cool thanks again!
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