New Build, no video.

Hey all...

Just built a new system consisting of,
CPU: I-5 750
Mobo: P7H55 M
RAM: 4G Kit ddr3 1600 G.Skill-ECO
GFX: GB 8400 GS 1GB
Coolermaster eXtreme Power + 500 PSU

I've put it all together, as I usually do for people who ask me to build computers. plug it in turn it on mobo led lights up, power it on, beeps and spins up like normal..
However I get no video signal out, tried the on board that didnt work..
any ideas on the problem..? need a solution..
need help fast..

Thanks TPK087
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  1. Resit components, check connection from PSU to mobo all secured and use just the one stick RAM for POST test. U have to use that 8400GS as for i5 it is Clarkdale not Lynnfield that has on die IGP hehe
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