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I'm looking into building a new system for a friend who is on a really tight budget. Ive got the core system picked out, but I'm having a real problem deciding on a cheap case that will do the job and not fall apart in the near future.

I recently built my daughter a new system in a Rosewill Blackbone case, and can honestly say i was disgusted with the lack of quality it had for the price I paid. So unless you have some other model they make that isnt junk just discount suggesting Rosewill!

Thanks guys (or gals), I look forward to your suggestions!
PS I normaly buy from Newegg...........
Dead :non:
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  1. I like the Antec 300 case on sale at Frys or Newegg. It's about $60. You should put down a price range if you want better advice.

  2. Ok, thanks for responding, and Tritonofg you're right, I should have made price point clear.
    I need to keep this below $40, and I can't use "gamer style" cases.
    Needs to be office/proffesional looking style.
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