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hey guys :hello: I need your best computer for only 400-500$ closer to four hundred the better). This computer will need dual monitor support ( not meaning its needs a nice graphic card it just needs to be able to run two monitors ) it will be put at my costumers work and used every day. I have already made my own edition of this computer but would like some of your inputs to make sure i come out with the best result possible for my costumer!! thanks guys :pt1cable:
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  1. The AMD 780G chipset since 2008 supported dual display via it's integrated HD 3200 video via

    1 x Digital out (DVI/HDMI) and
    1 x Analogue (VGA)

    Fast forward today and refreshed to DDR3 platforms i would look at
    Rana 440
    2-4GB DDR3
    80+ 380W with active PFC PSU
  2. Ok thanks man please keep sending input if you can you guys thnks!
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