New SSD upto 128gb (6gb Sata)

This is my first purchase for a SSD .

Please advice:

(Note: I reside in India,Asian continent. some of the brands available in U.S.A. may not be available here.)

Requirements :

-Upto 128gb
-6gb SATA interface Supported (i just bought a maximus v gene)
***cost*** : max upto 180-190$ (approx Rs.10,000 in Indian Currency)

a friend of mine suggested a corsair force gt 120gb (Link)

here s the link of an internet shopping website in India just to get you an idea of what brands and product numbers are available in India for purchase with the cost as mentioned in indian currency.

Please suggest one from the available ones.

Incase any other model, please mention the exact model details so that I can check up in the local market here for costing & availability

My specs as per now:

asus maximus v gene
gskill ripjaws 1600 2*4gb
intel i5 3570k
asus gtx 670 top
seagate st0002dm001 6gb/s 64mb cache 7200rpm 2TB storage
benq RL2450H
corsair 700GS

Please advice :)
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  1. I would go with the cheapest one you can get from a respectable manufacturer which Corsair is.

    please browse through and suggest one as per my requirements

    1. max upto indian rupees (Rs. 10,000)
    2. upto 128 gb
    3. 6gb sata interface
  3. The Crucial M4 top marks for reliability. Next in line would be the Corsair GT.
  4. U state the crucial m4 to be the best . right ?

    a few queries:

    1. MTBF =2,000,000 hours ( Its a lot of years so whats the point of the companies stating this in tech specs)

    2. what are the key features as a guideline to compare ssd products

    3. is de installation complex ?

    4. what is the ideal method to efficiently use a 120gb ssd (interms of application priority)

    I just checked in the indian market.Crucial ssd's are available but there is no service center for crucial yet.

    Same case for OCZ

    So can you please suggest something from corsair
  5. The Corsair GT you selected! This should answer most of your questions. install is easy but for best performance use ACHI mode for your SATA drives.
  6. First off You will see very LITTLe real life difference between the better Sata III SSDs ( ones that use Async NAND such as Agility IIIs will be lower). So instead of performance, use reliability and least user problems as your guidig light in selecting your SSD. While You WILL NOT buy from Newegg USA, the site is great for Looking at user reviews of the SSD you plan on buying.
    I would not let availability of service center be a major stumbling point – local Service centers are not going to repair a SSD.

    You probably will be very happy with the Corsair Force III, But it does indicate twice as many users have a problem with it as compared to the Crucial M4.
    Corsair 120 Gig 16% 1/2 egg ratings, 76% 4/5 ratings:

    Crucial M4 128 Gig 7% 1/2 egg ratings and 89% 4/5 egg ratings.:
  7. So which models do you recommend as per my requirements from
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