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Power Supply or Motherboard? Or something else?!?!

Last response: in Components
July 31, 2010 6:22:12 PM

Okay. I have a Dell 4400 that I just setup as a server with ubuntu. It was working fine, but then I took out the harddrive and replaced it with a different one to install an OS on it because that other computer was even older and wouldn't let me. I put the normal harddrive back into the Dell Dimension 4400 and left it unplugged in the corner of my room for a few days. Today i decided to connect it again and a few things were strange:

First off the network card was messed up for some reason. I didnt even plug it in yet, but I was going to connect to ethernet cord and it wouldnt stay in. I figured a part of i broke off (it wasnt the cord that was messed up).

Second, i said "oh well" and all i connected was a monitor and the power cord. The monitor would flash "No Signal" and then go blank then repeat again and again. It was as if the computer kept restarting. The power light would stay its amber color and wouldnt flicker or anything. I manually shut off and tried again and it would do the same thing. This time the DVD drive would light up at least for a few seconds. Then the light went off and neither the CD or DVD drive would open when i pressed the button. So i figured something was up with the power.

Next, I tried turning it off and on again and this time the harddrive would attempt to spin and make a funky noise.

I don't know what i could have possibly done to mess it up. My best guess is that something hit the back near the PCI slots and messed something up?!?

My second guess is the power has gone bad.

My third guess is the mother board has gone bad.

It was working fine 3 days ago. I hope it's something small.

P.S: I also changed the memory while I had it open. Could that possibly have anything to do with it?

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated
a b ) Power supply
July 31, 2010 6:45:17 PM

Its just old, try troubleshooting each part.
July 31, 2010 7:05:57 PM

I'm pretty sure its the power supply. I guess i'll replace it and see what happens. Thanks I appreciate your input