Club 3D ati 5850 overclocked random shutdown

Hi guys i have random shutdown problem for my brand new club ati 5850 overclocked edition i dont understand why? i paid near 300 € but i got card like 9600 gt the benchmark are same for ex resident evil 5(35, fps 9600gt) 40 fps 5850? does any one have the same problem please help my system is:
Phenom x3 2.6 Ghz
4gb ram
1 tb hdd
corsair 300 w psu
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  1. Right... you've created 2 threads about the same problem : /

    See your other thread for the answer to your question
  2. Why overclock a 5850 OCedition? OC means it's already overclocked! And my understanding is it's hardware is built cheapr.
  3. He's not saying he's overclocked it himself, he's saying its a factory overclocked edition
  4. Corsair 300 watt power supply is your problem.
    Replace your power supply with a 450watt or higher quality power supply.
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