Which graphic card?

I have 4 old graphics card which should i use they are all 512MB so is there any differance? they are as follows:
HD 4350
ATI X1300

Any help would be appreciated also will i be able to play the latest games with these?????
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  1. THE 9800gt IS THE MOST powerful of these

    it can play almost all games at max in 1280X1024 with no AA
  2. what is your computer specs
  3. AMD quad 2.6Ghz
    2 GB RAM
    400 w PSU
    500GB HD
    Windows 7 64
  4. ok the 9800GT is good for you
    make sure your psu is atleast 450W certified
  5. Thats great thanks for your advice should i be ok to play arma 2 ?
  6. ofcourse but only in 1280X1024
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