1300 $ Gaming Rig - Need Advice


BUDGET RANGE: (Roughly 1300$ Or Near It But Less $ For Same Performance Is Always A +) Before Rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (OS Most Likely But I Might Get One So Its A Maybe At This Point)




OVERCLOCKING: Yes / No / Maybe

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes / No / Maybe


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (Something Easy To Build, And Can Run Everything Max-such as bad company 2 or mmo's at 60 + FPS)


Case- 199.99$

Motherboard- 149.99$

Video Card- 169.99$

Power Supply- 139.99$

CPU- 159.99$

RAM- 118.99$

Hard Drive- 79.99$

Keyboard- 49.99$

Monitor- 229.99$

Mouse- 69.99$

CD/DVD Drive- 18.99$

Subtotal: $1,285.89 with savings on may 28


Pretty much what my main concern is if the motherboard i have listed will run smooth and also if that power supply is enough

also i chose that case because of personal preference if at all possible i would like to keep it

i have built 1 computer in the past but its been quite a while so thats why i tried to pick something easy removable motherboard tray and hardrive trays etc...
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  1. If you're planning to game at max, you'll probably need more than a 5770. Maybe a 5850?

    I'm not good with AMD based stuff, so can't help you there, but I think that psu's ok for this build

    good luck with the build :)
  2. hmm well the 5850 is also close to being double the price
    let me elaborate on what i will be playing Heroes of Newerth/World of Warcraft/Battlefield Bad Company 2/Left 4 Dead 2/Warcraft 3/Starcraft 2/Dragon Age And possibly Diablo 3

    so in that case im just wondering if it really would be worth almost double the price

    either way i have a good feeling about this build and thanks Mark :)
  3. 5770 will be fine to play those on near max. 5850's more of a future proof thing if you get higher graphics games in future. But cos of your budget, 5770 should be good enough for those games.
  4. alright thanks :)
  5. couple things people told me:

    1) get the mbox version of the 955, the ibox is the older version
    2) a hard drive with 500gb platters will be substantially faster than one with 320gb platters. Spinpoint F3 or 7200.12 Barracuda
    3) it's worth the extra $10 to get RAM with substantially lower timings. G.SKILL Ripjaws CAS Latency 7

    there are some good case/HD combo deals with the 7200.12.
  6. hmm well it wouldnt be a problem to change despite the fact that ram is i7 optimized [a little inexperienced with bios stuff]
    and yeah i almost forgot about mbox vs ibox
    between those 2 suggestions for HDD i think ill go with the samsung spinpoint considering its same speed/price of the first one i listed

    either way thanks ultima
  7. i have heard the ati radeon hd 5870 is as good as 2 5770 cards is this true?
    and if so is it really worth it to get a different card than the 1 i have listed?
  8. for the ram...i would really check the mobo website for compatiblity b/c i had some issues with that in my build.

    this thread here talks about video cards...of two 5770 vs 5850

    but if your are ok to spend more i money then i would go for 5850 as may said you can overclock it to 5870 and if you don't want to do that, you can still upgrade to a second one and crossfire it later on...
  9. jack_ what ram would u recomend?
  10. $200 is a lot to spend on a case. I don't know whether or not that one is worth it, but you could certainly save some money by going with a less expensive case.

    It appears that you're buying a 1920x1080 monitor in that build, so I imagine you'll be gaming at that, and not at 1680xWhatever, right?

    I'm currently running 30-40 fps in Dalaran at 1920x1200 with everything (including shadows) maxxed with a 5870. Much higher elsewhere, obviously. 50-60 fps in raids with shadows all the way up. Dragon Age Origins is also very playable at the same resolution, though I haven't bothered to determine the fps yet. Haven't had a chance to try out the SC2 beta with the card yet, though it was playable with a much lesser system, so I don't anticipate any problems.

    That being said, a 5850 should also be fine, though obviously it'll be a little below those numbers, but should be more than adequate.

    The G.Skill RAM ultimabeam linked is a very good value. The "optimized for i7" is pure marketing, don't worry about it. You should always set the RAM timings in your BIOS's quite simple.

    If you have to stay at/under $1300, you'll need to cut costs somewhere. I'd start with the case. The HAF 922 and Antec 300 Illusion are frequently recommended around here, and should be $100 or less. It also appears that the mouse you picked has come down $15 and also has a $20 MIR. I'm not sure if it will be a significant savings, but you should be able to get by just fine with a 650W power supply for your 5850, rather than the 750W unit you selected.
  11. here is a few that i found on asus website that is compatible with you mobo...they are all Gskill ones. just different timings...not sure about the price

  12. changed model # on ram its basically the same except its a little more optimized for AMD and its part of the F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM
    so i shouldnt have compatibility issues

    also could u recomend some cases?
    i want a case that is air cooled has removable motherboard tray and removable hard drive tray and something that has LED lights
    Sidewindow is a + but not needed
  13. here are two cases i'll recommend

    I have the Anter 900 not the two but this case i would say have one of the bext air flow! and i love it. It comes with two fans infront and one in back (exhaust) and one large one at top (exhaust). i added one inside behing the center fan and you can add one on the window. but removing hard drive takes more effort as you will need to remove some screws but i don't move my HDD much

    Coolmaster has all that you want but no first hand expereince with them.


  14. if i wanted to overclock that cpu from 3.2 to 3.5 would i need artic silver 5 and a better fan or could i just get away with the stock coolers?
  15. You probably don't need the Arctic Silver at all, many aftermarket HSF come with some sort of thermal material, though you should check the product description to be sure.

    You are likely to be able to do a mild .2-.3 GHz overclock on the stock fan. No guarantees, of course, but that minor an overclock doesn't usually increase the heat output too much.
  16. Can I suggest an intel build?

    CPU: Intel Core i5 - $200
    MOBO: Gigabyte p55 with sata 6 and usb 3 - $140 (-10)
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws CL7 - $115
    GPU: XFX 5870 - $430
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB - $55
    Case: HAF 922 - $90
    PSU: Corsair 750 TX - $110 (-20)
    Monitor: ASUS 1080P - $180

    This comes to $1320 before $30 in rebates or shipping costs.

    If you do need an OS, drop the 5870 to a 5850 and you should save about $100. Then use that.
  17. thanks for the Intel build but im going amd i just like it better and trust it more

    heres all the changed Ive made so far looking a 1220 before rebates and before shipping

    put it in a wish list for easy viewing and less text

    and also decided im just gonna use my old windows 7 32 bit home premium disc
  18. I'd switch from the HAF 932 to the HAF 922 and save $50, then I'd take the same $179 you're spending for the 22" 1680x1050 Hanns G and use it to get the above-linked $179 23" ASUS 1920x1080 monitor.

    Then you're down to 1170. I'd remove the 5770 and put in a 5850 for an increase to 1330 before rebate. It's close to twice as fast.
  19. i would like a full tower cause i plan to be upgrading it over time and i love all the room
    ill change the monitor u recommended :) but i only plan to be running 1680x1080

    twice as fast? hm that sounds wonderful but the price increase is HUGE
    just out of curiosity what one should i go for if i were to get a 5850 a sapphire toxic 2g version for 389$ or something like a XFX 1g for 299$ or another?

    the price difference is a major turn off for me.. tho
    i don't like buying any gpu over 250
  20. i think 5770 would be fine to play most games at max even crysis...i think....and you can still add a second one later on and crossfire it

    5850 is definitly more future proof but if price is that much of a matter then i would definitly go for 5770....that should last you for a few years
  21. here's a link to the crysis benchmarks for the 5770, 5850 and a few others:,2446-7.html

    You could just crossfire the 5770 in future if you feel you need the extra.
  22. dominick1233 said:
    twice as fast? hm that sounds wonderful but the price increase is HUGE just out of curiosity what one should i go for if i were to get a 5850 a sapphire toxic 2g version for 389$ or something like a XFX 11g for 299$ or another?

    After looking at the benchmarks people have linked, if you decide to go with a 5850, then I'd suggest just going for one of the $300 ones. If you're looking at the Toxic, might as well just step up to a 5870 instead.
  23. Ive decided ill go with either a 5850 or 5870 for future proofing thanks to all of you guys helping me choose (i hope it justifies more than double the price tho lol) im pretty sure about everything im gonna get except for the choice of either 5870/5850

    also that motherboard i have should be fine but do you think ill run into to any compatibility issues/problems? and if so could you recommend a different motherboard
    i rather like that motherboard i just don't wanna run into any problems

    and since ill be getting a 5870/5850 do i need more power or should 650w still be fine?
  24. 650W is enough to run two 5870s, according to ATI's specs. If you're planning on overclocking, then you might want to go higher.

    I'd suggest 750-850W if you expect to overclock.
  25. i do not plan on o/c'ing but i decided i am getting a toxic card.

    just a quick summary [parts]:

    is 650w enough to run everything here? yes/no

    is the motherboard compatible with everything there? yes/no

    i plan to run windows 7 home premium 32-bit {partitioning the samsung spinpoint 1tb}

    i don't need any kind of additional cooling methods like thermal compound/fans if im running stock with this rig yes/no

    this will be able to run WoW/HoN/BC2/DA/Aion/SC2/LFD2 at max settings at a high fps rate yes/no

    this wont be very difficult to build yes/no/doesn't matter

    this is what im looking at as a final build
    more suggestions welcome tho

    Grand Total - $1,394.76 (with shipping) (before rebates)

    yes 100 more than i want to spend but if this will last for 5-7 years ill pay it
  26. Best answer
    you will be able to run max on all those games with that i can with my two 4850 crossfire

    650w will be fine and even if you get a second one but maybe not if you overclock...i know you did say you are not but maybe look into it as it is pretty easy to do a small oc on it.

    i think 64bit os is better for gaming but not 100% on this one

    it is really easy to put a computer together just read a few thread on sticky in this forum...

    your sys should last you for 5 years with out really upgrading but probably won't be able to play at full settings near end of it and will need upgade on the GPU
  27. There's no reason to run a 32-bit OS anymore on a new build. You can't use more than about 3.5 GB with a 32-bit OS, so in essence, you'd be throwing some money away by not getting the full value of your build. There's no gaming difference between a 32-bit OS and a 64-bit

    650W will be fine. As long as the mobo & CPU work together (which they do), there's really nothing else to worry about as far as compatibility.

    No additional cooling should be necessary unless you decide to overclock.

    I'd look to benchmarks for fps, but I expect that you'll be fine. I'd expect 50+ fps in WoW in everything except 25-mans and Dalaran.

    Nothing unusual about the build, so it shouldn't be overly difficult, though if it's your first build make sure that you read the manuals and build guides and such.

    Nothing is going to be top end for 5+ years, but the only taxing thing you're doing is gaming. If you move to more demanding games in a few years, you may need to upgrade the GPU at that point and possibly consider overclocking if games are demanding more CPU power.
  28. alright well it sounds like ive found my build!:)

    you guys dont know how much you all helped me

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