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I've been in the market for a 17-19" LCD that uses DVI and with a low enough response time for gaming. I've read mixed reviews about almost all LCD's. Yet I'm haveing trouble making my decision. Help and Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. the Hitachi cml174 with 16ms response time is the current leader.
  2. Just saw the Samsung 191t at compusa, the monitor itself looks great. But it struggled with the http://www.monitorsdirect.com/toolkit/ ghost streaking test.
  3. Hi
    To compare with a DVD player then it would equal a 40ms. LCD's are now so fast that unless you buy something really cheap they are ok for gaming. I have the Dell 1900 FP 19" and it's the best display I ever had. That is a 25ms one. I'd say as long as you go for 35 or less it should be perfectly fine for gaming - but buying LCD's is not an easy task. You have to do research on every single one.
  4. Here's the part that sucks. When going to a gray shade, you use less power and it takes longer to switch. Certain technologies are better than others at this though, but MVA is particularly one of the worst for grays. That's one of the big issues.

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  5. I was in your situation just a few months ago and in the end i bought a Sharp LL-T1820. I use it for games and videos and there in no ghosting at all. In my opinion i feel that it is one of the best LCD's out there but it is expensive. They usually go for 1200 to 1300 dollars and only a few online stores have them as of yet. I use it with the DVI interface and it is killer.
  6. Trog, as the owner of a new Dell 2000FP, I can highly recommend that as an option. Even though it's bigger than you're looking for, it's priced right around the same as most good 19" units, and Dell always has sales going on lately w/ free shipping, $100 off, etc., so maybe it's more within reach than you realize.

    I use it mostly for FPS gaming...NOLF2, MOHAA, AVP2, also games like High Heat Baseball 2003. I get zero ghosting. Even some of the most frantic levels in MOHAA, where I'm running around like a chicken with no head, it's amazing. My games never looked so good. And, yes, it scales very well...I'm actually playing MOHAA at 1280x1024, and it's incredible. Just something to think about...

    BTW, it's connected via DVI (must-have with this unit) to a GF3.

  7. i've been hearing more and more about how good the DELL LCD's are... i might just look into getting one

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  8. Best choice would continue to be the Iiyama. Personally, I use the NEC/Mitsubishi LCD1880SX.
  9. decided not to choose a Dell LCD... i have ordered the Hitachi CML 174.... will be here on friday.. i'll post my review... im sure i will be amazed

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  10. Tell me how you like it I'm debating between the samsung 191t running it with its DVI or the Hitatchi 174.
  11. So David, you finally use the NEC/Mitsubishi LCD1880SX ? What do you think about it ?

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  12. My Hitachi is coming the 10th, this friday, from monitorsdirect!... ill let you guys know what i think about it.

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  13. If you want an excellent 19 inch LCD go for the 191t. If you want close to no streaking at all go for the CML174. I own a 191t and I like it a lot. The streaking in games is noticable when you have a dark object in front of a light background. The brighter the objects are on the screen the less streking you will have. I play SOFII a lot and with the in-game brightness turned all the way up I don't notice the streaking all that much.

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