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Sometimes when i restart and its booting up at the windows XP splash screen I get a blue screen that says windows is shutting down to protect it blah blah blah. i tried reverting back to my last configuration that worked..Sometimes that works but one time nothing worked and I ended up reformatting!! Is there a way to bypass that screen to get into windows so i can repair,uninstall, or use diagnostics or whatnot? My system runs liek a champ when I am in windows run great etc...Its seems to be only after I have installed software that requires a reboot(not all the time) So Its hard to go back and uninstall it when I cant even get back into windows,....and when I do get back into windows what should be my first step to eliminate that boot up problem?
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  1. Unmountable_Boot_Volume :)
    Boot with your cd and go to "Repair console"
    Type "chkdsk /r" .If you have other partitions, type
    "chkdsk d: /r" etc etc. Try to boot,if its not working,
    go back to repair console and type "fixboot"
  2. Did you try booting in SAFE mode?

    Oh go ye brown-eyed toothless wonder.
  3. Boot in safe mode and then run System Restore and restore it to the time when it last worked properly.
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