How do you find a compatible replacement board for your HDD?

I was just curious as to if there's an easy way to find compatible boards for hard drives so I can refurbish some. I know that if I swipe a board from the exact same model hard drive as the one I'm replacing the board on, I'll be good to go, but I was wondering if as long as I have the proper specs for the hard drive, would the connection from the board to the rest of the drive be the same, and if so, would it work if I swapped one with similar specs?
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  1. i doubt you could get them direct from the company. i figure the only way to get them would be to try websites like ebay. some people on ebay may sell hard drives for parts
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    Yes it is possible as you suggest. but the replacement boards are expensive, often more expensive than buying a new hard drive of simmular size / spec. Its only really done if you need the data from the dead drive.
  3. That's what I was thinking you'd say. I was looking on eBay and often times it costs as much for a new board as for a new drive. It was worth a shot to ask at least. Thanks. =)
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