Auto cpu multiplier?

So I have an AMD Phenom II x2 and I unlocked a core to make it a x3 (the other one was defective).
Its also a black edition so I bumped up the multiplier from auto (max was 14) to 16. Now however, its a constant x16 multiplier unlike the auto setting, where it would change when not under load.

is there a way to keep the auto setting but bump up the max multiplier to x16? Do i need to update bios?
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  1. Technically, cool n quiet and C1E should still be working. Check the bios and re-enable them if they are disable. If that doesn't work, I'll see if I can think of something else.
  2. Just checked. They are both enabled. I also thought the same thing as you did, but I guess we are wrong :(
  3. o.O just a stab in the dark... you're not using AOD for overclocking the cpu are you?
  4. What is AOD? I'm using BIOS to overclock.
  5. cowgod2007 said:
    What is AOD? I'm using BIOS to overclock.

    AMD Overdrive, but, you don't wanna be using it for overclocking anyway :)
  6. Anymore ideas on how to fix this?
  7. cowgod2007 said:
    Anymore ideas on how to fix this?

    Are you using windows XP? Although this driver was for the K8 architecture, it might do something.
  8. Using Vista at the
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