The best cooler for a HD5770

What is the better cooler for the HD5770?

The "egg" shape cooler doesnt seem to cool ram at all? i dont mind about the noise, ill have them in CrossFire, so i know ill have a fare about of noise...

So far im looking at the"
-Gigabyte ATi Radeon HD5770 (full cover)

-HIS HD 5770 Fan 1GB (egg shape)

Then a question on the Club 3D ATi Radeon HD5770 Overclocked Edition 1GB... Im not not a Club fan.. but the Club and the His 5770 fan are almst the same price... please help, im looking to get the two cards in the week.

thanks, steve
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  1. Thats crazy!!! love it!!! but dont think i can find that in S.A...
  2. The cards are energy efficient and therefore run cool so the cooler is not a big issue. Just based on brand names I would select the HIS card in front of the other two unless there is money to be saved.
  3. Thanks, im looking at the His the or XFX.
    But two 5770 should be good? Im running a 24"HD
    Is DirectX 11 thas BIG? I can get a HD4770 or the HD4870 almost the same price...
  4. If I had to choose between XFX and HIS I would toss a coin.
    HD4770 substantially less performance. HD4870 about the same performance but needs more power. Running a single 1080P monitor a single HD5770 would suffice most users, running two in crossfire would rival HD5870 in performance.
    At the moment DX11 is not big but as more and more games come out with it, it gets more and more important.
  5. :) now thats what i want to hear!!!
    thanks bro...
    And setting up the two 5770 in CrossFire, you know of any one having issues?
    Im newcomer in the very big gpu world!
  6. There should not be any issues.
  7. If you are to choose between a crossfire setup or a bigger single card.

    Always stick with the single card if price isn't too big of a factor. Crossfire or SLI isn't good for some games. Sometimes you get artifacts, random slowdowns in certain scenes and sometime crossfire is simply unplayable. However this is really infrequent and only about 1/10 games would you see any of this. Don't let this scare you. Theres only 1 game I can't play with crossfire on and artifacts aren't that common or that big of a deal.

    A single card wouldn't have any of the issues with crossfire, so if price is the same. Then go for a single card. If price is considerable like $50 savings then go for the crossfire setup.
  8. Dam...
    Well in S.A the price of p.c parts are sky high!!! Its crazy over here!!!
    i dont have R5000 for a HD5870 were i can get the His 5770 for like R1900...
    is it a softwear prob or just that the two cards just dont work well as a unit?...

    As Rolli59 said "Running a single 1080P monitor a single HD5770 would suffice most users, running two in crossfire would rival HD5870 in performance" i would just get the one... but i want to know that i can install ANY game.... and play at reli good settings... ill get so cheesed if i find a game that i like and crossfire screws me around!? so now im lost....
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