Cooler Master refurb cases

Anyone have any experience buying refurbed cases from the CM store?

I've finished my new build and am getting ready to start a build for my son. The CM store seems to have some decent prices for some of their refurbs.

Anyone have any experience buying refurbs from Cooler Master? If so, what was your experience like? Was the item decent? No missing parts, etc?
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    I can't relate a direct experience with CM and a refurb product.
    But what i can say is i've bought refurb from Logitech and Philips in the past and really couldn't tell the difference between them and new.
    Both items have worked fine and the Philips one is now 6yrs old.
    So quality companies don't sell junk as refurb it's every bit as good as the original imo.
  2. Thanks. I assumed as much but wasn't certain. Cooler Master is a good company so I imagine a refurb from them would be top notch.
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