Diamond 5670 vs. Dell Dimension E521

Hello. I am wondering why did my diamond 5670 graphics card only get a low (1.0) windows experience rating in my dimension E521? My Dimension has a 305W power supply. Also, when I installed the card, it messed up the Windows Aero capability (showed a light blue color). Please help, and thanks in advance!
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  1. It becuase the windows experince center is trash, and the score is meaningless.

    It is horribly inaccurate, iIve seen people with 7600gts get better scores then 5970 users.
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    1) re-run the experience rating, it could still be displaying your integrated graphics score

    2) make sure in the dell bios your 5670 is the graphics provider
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll mess with the BIOS and re-run the experience rating.
  4. It didn't show up in my BIOS, and its score was still "1.0," which I can't understand as it is a good card.
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