Is this PSU adequate?

Yeah so, i went to my local PC store to check out some PSU's since i really don't prefer to order one online. I definitely wasn't going to buy the Corsair 400W because it was $80. ($36 after rebate on Newegg.)

I saw a CoolerMaster and i thought it was a pretty good deal. Question is, will it run my system? I believe it's fine, but just want to make sure.
Cooler Master Extreme power plus 500W.

System :
Asrock N68-S micro atx mobo
AMD athlon II X2 245 2.9ghz
ATi Radeon 5770
6GB DDR2 Ram

Buyer reviews on Newegg say it's running GTX 260s so, it should work fine, yes?
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  1. It should be more than enough for an Athlon II X2 and an HD 5770.
  2. Yes, but its not really the best PSU around, definitely better than generics though. How much is it?

    This is really a wonderful deal, worth the risk of ordering online IMO:
  3. $50. :/
    Not the BEST deal out there, but it's cheaper than Newegg. ($50 + Shipping and stuff. Forgot the shipping costs.)

    I would like to order that, but i'm in Canada :S.
    My other option was the Antec Earthpower 500W continuous for $70 i believe. (Still overpriced, as you can see.)

    But thanks. Glad to know it will run.
  4. Are you looking at the EA500 or the EA500D? The EA500D is rated for slightly more power than the EA500 (444W on the 12V rail vs 408W). I would stay away from the cooler master you first posted, passive PFC and its max load on the 12V rail is 360W(30A) which is no more than the corsair 400CX.

    If its the EA500D that price is about what you would end up paying to get it from so its not too over priced and is a reasonable deal.
  5. visit this link, fill in your systems details and it'll tell you the recommended rate psu you need
    and you have 6Gb of Ram? how is that split? might be better off either dropping to four or going up to eight, I suspect your not using dual channel on your memory
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