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Hi! I'm a noob! I hardly go on forums (forum virgin) because usually I use google to solve my problems but now I think its time to ask for help so here I go..

I managed to snag an AMD AM3 1055T processor and an MSI 890GXM-G65 motherboard for $250 the other day :D . It was perfect because I've always thought about going small. My rig is mostly composed of recycled parts from my 4 year old desktop which I haven't touched in two years lol.

My specs are:

AMD AM3 1055T
MSI 890GXM-G65
OCZ Gold Series PC3 8500 2GB (Free loaded but turned out to be broken BSOD) **Replacing with 4GB DDR3-1600 of G.Skill Rip Jaws because it is being recommended for some reason**
Seagate Barracuda 2 320GB Sata II
2 X1950pro in Crossfire
OCZ ModXstream 700W
SilverStone Sugo SG04

The RAM I got for free was actually 4GB dual channel but I was told one stick might be broken so I thought ok I'll just use one stick for now. I found which stick gives the memory errors right away so I put that a side and I thought my system was fine. I was then using the good stick ( or so I thought ) and managed to install Windows 7 64bit. I was then able to install a few programs then out of no where I get a BSOD, which is the same error as the other stick. So now I think both sticks are broken. I also tried setting the timings and voltage manually at the recommended settings but no luck. Whatever though they were free.. However, would I have to re install Windows 7 again? The PC went BSOD when I was installing avast and I was wondering if BSODing would corrupt something in the registry.

Next in the BIOS I noticed the my temperatures might be unusually high? At stock my CPU is at 55*C is that normal for an AM3 CPU? I am using the stock fan and I was thinking of doing a mild over clock of 400 to 500 mhz but now that I see these temps I don't know.. I think the problem could be my PSU which is positioned directly ontop of the processors fan, I actually haven't tested to see if the fan sucks or blows hot air. If it blows hot air into the CPU then that might be the problem. Also could anyone recommend any CPU Cooler that can fit in this case? I think I read the maximum height is 45mm somewhere but now I'm not sure if I remember that correctly.

Oh yeah I know my Video Card sucks but I am planning on upgrading to a Radeon 5770. I don't really need much power because I only game at 1024x768 is really low but its something I got used to when I played CS 1.5 a long time ago lol and I never got over to changing to a higher res.. BTW I am currently using a flat screen 19" CRT (it really burns my eyes..) but am also thinking of upgrading to an LCD TV, does anyone know the equivalent of 1024x768 on a wide screen? I was thinking of getting a 5850 instead but I am thinking its over kill for the resolutions I play at.

Sorry for the long post and 100's of questions. I haven't kept up with PC for 2 years since I was away and everything is super over whelming right now. I even forgot how to over clock.. Since this is my first post I thought I might introduce myself as well, please pardon my English. I was basically in Japan for two years studying in a University the funny thing is I thought that if I got to Japan I'd play more games but the opposite happened and I actually play less now and ended up studying more --or maybe I'm just getting older lol... I also want to add that I am typing on a 9" netbook with a 12GB SSD which was basically my main system for two years and yeah I tried but can't even play any games on it. When I was using a full keyboard for the first time in a while on my new rig I was hitting the wrong buttons and was complaining to my brother that they should make smaller keyboards lol... The last game I played was Crysis on my Intel C2D E6600 and ATi 3870. From what I understand these days C2D's are the new Celeron!? I'm so behind.
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  1. I double checked and it turns out the max height for the CPU cooler is 82mm. I was looking at a Zalman CNPS8700 and its height is 80mm. Would this be too close? I've always trusted Zalman so I've never tried anything else. Any other suggestions?
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