ATI Sapphire 9600XT- New Catalyst 10.2, no video but audio

Hello everyone,

I seriously need some help with this old graphics card. I have the sapphire 9600XT card and after installing the new catalyst 10.2 patch, whenever I stream video, there is no display and only audio. Everything else is fine except for streaming video. Is there something I am not doing?

Thank you for anyone that can guide me to the right direction.

Thanks in advance,
Tiffany :p
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  1. Hi Tiffany, welcome to the forum.

    Your problem is probably down to the fact that the new drivers don't actually support the older cards like yours.
    Follow this through selecting the options that meet what you have and then download and install the drivers that you get at the bottom of the page that tells you your drivers are legacy drivers.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Mactronix, is correct. With a classic card like that you no longer want to keep updating the driver. The answer is to revert back to the last offically supported driver for that specific card.
  3. You have to download the legacy drivers. Trying to use the regular drivers on an unsupported card will cause all sorts of problems. Download the legacy drivers, download driver sweeper and install it, uninstall the old drivers, use driver sweeper, then install the legacy drivers.
  4. You can get driver sweeper over at guru3d
  5. thank you everyone for your fast replies! :love:

    Also thanks megamanx00 for the link.

    I am not a computer expert at all but had to fix this old computer.

    Will let you guys know if it worked or not.

    Tiffany :na:
  6. sorry to bug you guys didn't work... :cry:

    I installed the 9.3 which is supposedly the supported i downloaded an older on 8.3 and it still didn't work... :(

    Again, I see everything fine but only when I stream videos..nothing shows except for it something in the options that I am not turning on/off?

    Sorry for the being annoying....hope someone can assist

    Thanks!! :p
  7. Ok, sorry for the earlier reply, anyway, reinstall DX9 and then try it. It ought to work after that.
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