Need to transfer important info from ASUS laptop to macbook

Dear Community,

Today, my ASUS laptop crashed- it either was motherboard malfunction, or power malfunction, don't know the reason exactly but I decided to get a macbook pro instead.

I have important files, pictures, music, etc in that laptop so I decided to take the SATA hard drive out of the laptop: I opened the laptop up and took the hard drive with all the important info out.

Then, I went to best buy and got a transfer cable. When I plugged into the macbook it only displays the windows files and not my personal files. I plugged into my grandmas computer in which she has a PC, it displays only the system files but not my personal files.

Can you guys kindly give me suggestions in how I can approach this problem? All I need is to save those important files from that hard drive.

Thank you in advance!
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  1. Are you looking in the right place for your files? Seems obvious, but I can't stress how unlikely it is for a drive to fail and only lose you personal data and not the operating system. If it's a Win7 machine look under c:\users rather than c:\documents and settings.
  2. In the hard drive from the laptop that I took and plugged using a USB cable into another computer, the only files that exist there are the system files and a user file.

    Under the user file, there is only one file: Public. It should be the user file but it is not there.

    I forgot to mentioned that the user account was password protected in windows 7

    I would appreciate any other suggestions.
  3. if its a Win 7 security issue than the admin account on the PC you are using the drive in will probably have to take ownership of the drives folder/file structure, if you think that is why you can't see the entire directory structure then you may want to move this question to a windows security forum.

    In any event I think your data is there so be careful what you choose to do with that drive.
  4. I think the data is there- I selected all the files in the hard drive and totals up to ~47 GB versus what the 500GB hard drive says that it has been used around 118GB.

    I still can't figure it out why it does not display my files.

    Thank you for your response,
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    could be just hidden, on windows 7, did you change the folder option to show hidden file.
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  7. Thank you so much all my files were there, I had to use an old XP computer and show hidden files.

    Thank you a lot once again!
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