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I recently just built my computer and am wondering where I can download the latest BIOS update. The BIOS is only picking up 4 of the 6GB of ram as usable. Before I go through any other process I would like to get the latest BIOS updates (currently running 0303). Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. There should be a sticker on your motherboard or at least some writing that calls out its product number and/or manufacturer. Put that into google and it should lead you to the newest bios.

    To flash your bios an easy way, you'll need a usb stick, windows 98 dos files, awdflash.exe (unless you have an AMI or other bios), and your new bios file (.bin format probably).
    1) Install and Run the HP Disk Format Utility
    2) Choose to create a bootable USB key and point it to the Win 98 dos files.
    3) Copy awdflash.exe and your bios to your USB stick
    4) Boot to the flash stick and flash the bios (minimal familiarity with DOS required).

    Of course, I know Gigabyte has an easier tool that flashes the BIOS. I bet ASUS does too--I just don't know of it.
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