Sound blaster audigy sound switching headache!

I just installed a soundblaster audigy platinum sb0090 card on win vista 64. I got the latest drivers from the site and the sound seems to be working fine, but.. there is only sound going to the headphones! I then go into the sound properties and under a custom tab there is a "digital output only" option which I tick. now sound is restored to speakers but nothing on headphones!! If I untick the headphone sound works and visa versa.

can anyone shed light on this? :(
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  1. Ya it automatically mutes the speakers when using the headphones.

    There's a box to check off for that and digital only has nothing to do with it.
    Leave that box unchecked.
  2. I've unmuted the speaker in properties, still nothing. the problem is the speakers are plugged into the digital output and no other jack will work with them.

    any other suggestions folks?
  3. Don't know what to tell you since i've used soundcards and speakers on pc's since the 90's and not one set-up has required the use of digital outputs for speaker playback.
    Maybe a more detailed description of your mobo and speakers might help.
    Also i assume you've disabled onboard audio in your bios.
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