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I'm looking at 2 processors for a new build. Haven't decided to go with amd or intel so I was looking at processors first. What would be faster. 6 core AMD phenom II at 3.2 ghz or 4 core intel i7 at 2.83 ghz
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  1. What are you going to be using the system for? Whats your budget for the system as a whole, these are things we need to know before we recommend a processor, if its for gaming an i5 750 or a Phenom II 955 will be plenty, if its for video editing and you have a higher budget and LGA 1366 i7 930 will be your better choice.
  2. For what usage?
    For apps that doesnt utilize all 6 threads, the i7.
    For encoding and heavy multitaking, the 1090T.

    Heres a comparison:
  3. sorry took so long to get back. It's basically just for home use, but I'm trying to build a nice system all around. Hoping to keep it between 1,500 - 2,000 and so far I've done that with the phenom.

    It's not used for gaming (light cod2/battlefield) mostly just paying bills, pictures, facebook, that stuff. Just a normal home computer hahaha
  4. I'd recommend a i7 930 or a i5 750. thats more than enough for what you need. and AMD's 6 core processors are pretty low on performance at this stage in time. i5 750 is cheaper so you should be able to get a nice graphics card, a 5870 or similar. but keep in mind that the southern islands(6xxx) series is due out in a matter of months.
  5. Why're you spending $1,500 for a PC that will perform just as (noticeably) well for $600?

    Grab an Athlon X4 or an i3. Anything above is just wasting money and power (=money).
  6. Regular home computer? With my kind of rig, doing those kind of tasks are like walking in the park. All with a budget of $400-500.

    Your intention is like using a sports car with an average speed of a mini SUV. It would be a waste of money and power.

    Think of it as a closet. If you want to put only a few things in it, get a smaller one. But if not, or if you intend to fill more things in the future, go for the bigger one

    My advice, since you're application aim is clear, go for the "Green" concept.

    But in the end, it's all up to you
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