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Hi All,

I have an ATI HD 5770, Windows 7, 64 bit with a quad core and a gig of memory. I am trying to hook up 3, 22 inch monitors but I am having no luck. I just go this video card and I have always used Nividia so I know nothing about this yet. I read something about Eye Infinity for multi monitor support that supposedly supports up to 6 monitors.. Can anyone tell me exacly what I need to do this as far as cables ande adapters go.

If possible I would like to have the three monitors set up sort of as my default gaming and work system but I also have a 40inch Sony Bravia HD Tv that I would like to use sometimes as well. I access windows media center through my network but I would like to watch movies every so often directly from the pc so the bottom line is that I would like the Tv hooked up as well for part time access maybe using another profile in the Catalyst control panel.

Finally and I am sorry to confuse everyone.. My ultimate set up would be the 3 monitors, the sony tv part time and the ability to have another monirt that couple be a copy of the main display. This one is next to me bed and it would be nice to do some work in bed every so often without having to use the laptop. I am a web developer/site admin so working in bed is common and is part of the reason why my ex wife is my EX.... lol

Is this possible and what do I need? When I try to hook up multiple monitors now I am only able to have 2 operating at once. I am aware of a DVd adapter for the display port that may make this possible but I was under the impression that I did not need this with this card because of Eye Infinity...

Any help would be great.

Thanks so much

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  1. Do some more reading on Eyefinity. A three monitor Eyefinity setup requires that you use the DisplayPort on your graphics card. If none of your monitors has a DisplayPort input, you will need to use one of the approved adapters.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Wow, That sounds very easy. Things never happen that easily for me.

    First off, which port is the "Display Port" and is the display port VGA, hdmi? etc?? Further more, I have read about this a bit and I am asking more for clarity. I understand I am to use a display port and an apapter if needed but I am still confused. Which monitor is to get hooked up to the Display Port? All of them? How?

    Does having Eye Infinity with the HD 5770 enable me to do this without purchasing an adapter if my monitors have the active display feature?

    Thanks for your help.. I was hooing for a brief explanation here to save me the time of having to search through miles of text for a couple specifics and actually I have already spent more time than you know searching. Registering and posting in any forum is always a last resort for me but thanks for your advice...
  3. "display port" is the name of the port.

    It is a port itself like HDMI or dvi. Some monitors have them, not many at this point but growing.

    Ati included one with the 5 series for space, and cost reasons I believe. They only included two transmitters one of which is shared by 1 of the dvi and 1 of the HDMI sockets. therefore to have 3 monitors you need to use the display port.

    Hope this clarifies some of it.
  4. Thank you,

    My local pc guy told me I would need a Dvi to display port adapterthat would have to be powered either by power adapter or USB and he told me they cost $185..

    From what I read and from what i learned here all I need is a display port to hdmi adapter which would allow me to use an hdmi monitor, the display port and a VGA. According to eye finity I can use diferent combos to get up to 6 displays.

    What is this part my pc guy toldme about and do I really need it?

    Thanks much, your post was just what I needed..

  5. Yes you will need an adapter if one of your monitors does not have a display port. However, depending on resolution it does not need to be an active one, you may be able to get away with a cheaper passive one although I am not sure what ones work.

    However, does your 5770 not already have a hdmi port, I believed it had.

    You cannot do 6 monitors unless you have 6 connectors, only one I know of is the 6 mini diplay port 5870.

    You can only use 3 of the 4 outputs on the card so you cannot connect all the monitors you want all the time.

    There are a few threads around the net dealing more extensiovely with eyefinity, perhaps try over at the widescreengaming forums and see if any discussions can shed more light as they are more specilised.
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